Texas classwing shooting


October 15th, 2021, starts our th year of operation. From its start-up Steve Stroube was the heart and soul of the business. Sadly, as most of you know, in 2010 Steve lost his battle with cancer. Despite this tragedy, the family, with the hard work of our manager Terry Warren, has maintained and continued to develop the business. In Steve’s words here is the history of Upland Bird Country.

“More than 20 years ago, my dad, H.R. “Sonny” Stroube, showed me an article from a magazine which talked about shooting preserves. ‘Why can’t we do somethin’ like this,’ he asked, adding, ‘… with cattle prices the way they are, this could be a fun business for us. The boys from Dallas can come down for a days’ bird hunting and be home for dinner.’

So, Upland Bird Country was started from a ranch that has been in my family since 1938. My dad began putting together this property after his graduation from Corsicana High School and College. World War II stopped his ranching activities; but after his return from Saipan, he returned to his passion raising registered Hereford cattle. This ranch eventually grew to 640 acres, providing ample room for a registered herd of Herefords and later crossbred Brahman cattle. I finally got a chance to add to the ranch when our 97-year-old neighbor, Mrs. Trudy Coggins, called me and decided it was time to sell the farm that she inherited in 1936. We added her 115 acres to Upland, so we now have 750 acres for your hunting pleasure.

I wish he was still with us so that he could see what his idea has brought to North Texas hunting life. After all these years I’m sure he’d agree his land has been improved, and he’d be pleased about the memories created for wing shooters and their families.

Many seasons have come and gone since my dad flopped that magazine in front of me, and so have many other shooting operations. We must be doing something right, and you have rewarded us for it.

Of course none of this would have happened were it not for a bunch of “old guides” who really created the original “Texas Class Wing-shooting” here at Upland. Those old guides were Godsends that lived just down the road. Jimmy Parks, Dewain Rash, and R. M. Drain helped me put together the Upland operation, and they entertained our customers with their hunting skills and country humor. Lo and behold, when we needed extra guides, along came John Kenner and Oscar Chrisman. They fit right into the mold and helped us propel Upland to what it is today. Sadly we have lost some of our original guides: Jimmy Parks joined Dewain Rash in the greatest hunting fields ever in 2006 and more recently John Kenner. We will miss their humor, good nature, and B.S. forever. 

We built our new “Hill Country” lodge in 2000 after 15 years of hunting out of a 14 foot by 36 foot portable building. Despite blowing rain, hail, and even a tornado we had a blast in those early years; and now, thanks to you, we are enjoying Upland more than ever.

In 2007, after numerous customers’ prodding and pushing we have built our hunters camp to allow our customers to spend the night at Upland Bird Country. Now this camp is a place to get outdoors, commune with nature, and enjoy your own meals. We hope that you will enjoy our camp fire and hunt with us more often.

We are proud of our Texas Class shooting legacy in North Texas, and all of us at Upland, myself, Manuel, all of our guides, and yes, even Pete, want to thank you for your friendship and support. Come see us soon, and help us continue our tradition of making memories!

I hope this short history has given you some insight into Upland and how we’ve created a true Texas Class experience. Please come see us, enjoy a day of hunting, and take home a bunch of memories. It is our hope that Upland will be as rewarding for you, as it has been for us.

See y’all soon,


Today we have moved forward with the tradition and spirit that Steve instilled. As he wished his dad could be here, we and many of you, wish that Steve still had the helm. Since 2010, Terry Warren has been at the daily controls. In addition to the main lodge, we have added large and small cabins that can be used for comfortable overnight stays. Our experienced guides – Carl Mathison, Clay Vance, I.C. Little, Ryan Mathison, Scott Wadle – can provide you with an exceptional hunting experience. Join us for “Texas Class Wing Shooting!”